Customer Reviews

Chenette Burks

Wow, that is all I can say! The pieces are all so imperfectly perfect. I’ll be using this for the rest of my life. Such great value for the price. Just buy it. It’s just beautiful. Quick shipping, too.

15 Inches White and Green Onyx Premium Quality Marble Chess Set with Storage Set

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Fran C

The set is truly beautiful. We also got the carry case, which is also made with quality in mind. One will be pleased to display it in their home all the time! I'm very happy with the quality and look of this chess set. Well made, the pieces and board have good, heavy, solid weight.

15 Inch Black and White Premium Quality Marble Chess Set with Storage Box

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Tony T

When I purchased this item, the quality and craftsmanship were highly achieved. Every piece and board are well-made with a nice heavy weight too it. Makes playing chess feel good. Even the carrying case is nice!!!

15 Inch Black and Coral Premium Quality Marble Chess Set with Storage Box

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This is such an amazing chessboard. I got it for my boyfriend and he loves it. It comes packaged very securely in styrofoam. It does not come with a storage case but that was not a problem for us as we put it on the living room table. It is very solid and high quality. A beautiful board. We put the felt stickers under each of the pieces as well as 1 on each corner of the bottom of the board so it wouldn't scratch the table.

15 Inches Coral and Brown High-Quality Marble Chess Set

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Sean Thomas

Very excited to receive this chess board. I have wanted a good quality board and this works out perfectly. It is heavy duty and nicely polished. The shop is prompt with responding to questions. Take care of the chess pieces, and have fun! enjoying lots of games with the wife since purchasing this and it's a beautiful set to leave out on a coffee table!

12 Inches Black and White Premium Quality Marble Chess Set

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Norman T Norris

This marble chess set is handmade and delivers great value. We like it so much that we leave it displayed. Each piece is consistently carved and has a nice weight. The board itself has a protective liner underneath to prevent table scratches. The set we purchased comes with a storage case with a handle. We recommend it.

15 Inches Marinara & White Onyx High Quality Marble Chess Set

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The Green and White color attracted my husband so badly that he wanted this as his birthday gift, and I ended up ordering this. Just can't believe that the packaging was so protected, and it is the same as the Royal Bishop has shown in the picture.

15 Inches Green And White Onyx High Quality Marble Chess Set

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I love this set! I think it’s adorable! It’s smaller than expected, but I also didn’t read the full description so that’s my fault. The board is nice and weighted and the pieces too. It came wrapped very securely so it wouldn’t crack which I appreciated! I can’t wait for my kids to come home and see it all set up on the table.

15 Inches Black & Multi Green High Quality Marble Chess Set

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Product looks incredible and feels really really nice in hand. We purchased 3 of these as gifts for our dad at our wedding, and we could not be more thrilled. the pieces have a really nice feel to them, We are so excited to give these away as gifts, might even get another for our house!!

12 Inches Black and Golden High Quality Marble Chess Set

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Looks just like a picture and has a good weight to it. Was packaged well. Bought it for my husband and I'm looking forward to playing a game of chess. These usually go for way more. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I can't wait to give the gift!

15 Inches Black & White Chess Set with 32 Metallic Pieces

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